Working in agribusiness for over 60 years, we’ve been earning the respect of customers and suppliers for its effective and transparent way of conducting business.


The company's trajectory began in 1954, when Arnaldo Ulmann became a shareholder of SLC Group, one of the largest manufacturers of tractors and harvesters in Brazil.

In 1978, the first farm in Minas Gerais was acquired.

The opportunity to expand the new family project came in 1988, when Arnaldo and Eduardo Ulmann, already associated with Elvídio Weisheimer, acquired two more farms in the state of Maranhão.

With the sale of the equity interest in SLC to the multinational John Deere, in 2001, came the expansion of the family business through the acquisition of new farms, one in Mato Grosso and another in Maranhão.

Established in 2002, the origin of the old name Weisul Agrícola is in the junction of the surnames of the Weisheimer and Ulmann families, and because they originate from the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

In 2005, after 24 years as director of SLC Agrícola, Elvídio started to dedicate himself exclusively to Weisul, assuming the direction with the objective of expanding and strengthening the businesses of the Weisheimer and Ulmann families. At this moment, the group leaves Rio Grande do Sul and its headquarters moves to Santa Catarina.

Consolidating the view that in addition to the results generated by the agricultural operation there was also a relevant real estate opportunity in the construction of farms on agricultural frontiers, Weisul continues to explore this strategy.

In 2009, the company sells Fazenda Catuaí Oeste and with these resources invests in expanding agricultural projects in the state of Maranhão.

In 2013, with the expansion of the Catuaí Verde and Catuaí Norte Farms, in the state of Maranhão, which are already well advanced, Weisul sells these two properties and starts investing in the Chapadinha region, located in the north of the state. At the same time, its shareholders began to invest in urban properties, mainly in the state of Santa Catarina, in addition to expanding their business in the packaging sector.

In 2016, the company started to develop a Crop-Livestock Integration project at Catuaí Cajuí Farm, optimizing the use of land and making the agricultural operation even more sustainable in the economic, environmental and social spheres.

In 2022, the company sought to modernize its brand, more up-to-date in relation to its objective of helping to feed the world with responsibility, sustainability and respect. Weisul Agrícola becomes Weisul Agro.


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